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"We will automatically identify business complementarity based on keywords existing on companies’ profiles and websites." SME looking for partners

Nouvo the TV program on new trends and technologies of RTS, the Swiss Television and Radio, tackled the topic of foreign trade partners identification and B2B matchmaking online. For that, they came at the offices of Novertur. Script in English below:

Journalist: Behind those screens, men and women are looking for partners… trade partners, of course. Here, we sell fleet management instruments and the objective is to find clients, among which 80% are outside Switzerland. Paths to export are however rarely easy to take…

Marc Defalque, Commercial Director at Provatis SA: As it is a new technology, it is clear that the distribution channels are not really existent and defined. Therefore, finding the right person, interested in this kind of products, is a first difficulty.

Journalist: Lastely, this SME from the Leman Region has found an unexpected commercial outlet in East Africa.

Marc Defalque: We couldn’t have penetrated this kind of market quickly, perhaps in ten years, and probably entering too late.

Journalist: This customer has been found through a special website. We are in the office of Novertur, a Lausanne-based start-up. Florent, Marius and Luca invented this platform based on a model that has prove itself in a very different domain…

Florent Schlaeppi, Co-founder and CEO at Novertur: Given the success of dating sites lately, we thought that it could be useful to apply this technology to business. Actually what we do is “matchmaking“, which means that we will automatically identify business complementarity based on keywords existing on companies’ profiles and websites.

Journalist: This idea was born three years ago at the University, when Luca and three other students did a research on Swiss SMEs’ access on foreign markets.

Luca Salzano, Co-founder and CMO at Novertur: The central problem that we identified is that small and mid-sized enterprises are lacking of networks, of connections, and struggle to identify the ideal trade partner on foreign markets. During the study, some entrepreneurs said “why isn’t there a web solution, a solution using web 2.0, to solve that issue?”.

Journalist: The company looking for a trade or business partner can thus create a profile on the platform. As for a dating site, it will pay a subscription to access advance features. After a few months on the market, four thousands users already registered and idylls are born as this Indian fashion manufacturer who found a distributor in the United States thanks to the Swiss platform. If the website has a global calling, the Swiss market may be promising. According to a study by the Swiss Economic Department Magazine “La Vie Economique“, 18% of the Swiss SMEs do export some of their products.   Visit for more information and to sign up!

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