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""Very soon, enterprises will build powerful international business networks quickly and easily from home, through the Internet.""

Novertur: The business network for internationalization

“If you spend time on a social media, make sure it’s the right one!”

The time has come for us to contribute more seriously to the advancements of social-technology in order to support international business’ expansion. Time is money. Enterprises can’t afford loosing time on Web 2.0 if they don’t meet specific needs. At the same time, spending time trying to build networks and business relationships traveling around the world is very costly. The Internet technology can make this development easier. Very soon, enterprises will build powerful international business networks quickly and easily from home, through the Internet. Because Novertur is the business network for internationalization.


It’s time to talk about serious innovation

Since this blog has been launched, we published and re-published articles about how social media may help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in their daily business activities. This started with “Taking advantage of social technologies”, which explained how firms were increasingly using social-technology and how this latter may reshape business processes to lead companies towards a better performance. It kept going with “Go International or Die!”, which explained how stressed SMEs were to expand in foreign markets in order to secure demand and escape the economic crisis. In this context, we questioned once again the role of social-technology and Internet in the support of SMEs’ internationalization, emphasizing the need for innovation. Finally, we followed a more practical way with our “ Social Media Strategy Tips #1 and #2”, which explained how SMEs may benefit from existing social technology by implementing a simple strategic process.

The major problem underscored by TRSM is that there are only few platforms that are truly adapted to the needs of corporates. As a consequence, taking advantage of Web 2.0 requires substantial efforts and investments in time and money. Indeed, most of the social media are addressed to individuals and, often, on an entertainment or amusement basis (take Facebook or Pinterest). Therefore, operating in such environments forces companies to understand how it works, who is the potential audience, how this latter can be targeted and reached, as well as the real value that the media may provide to the business. As we argued in some of the previous articles above, benefitting from these social media requires an adaptation, a learning process that is often difficult and scary, but which could lead to powerful advantages and substantial returns on investments.


The internationalization challenges of SMEs

As innovators and young entrepreneurs, our intention was to make this social-technology easier and more in line with the needs of businesses. In this respect, we started from a very simple postulate: A technology tool must serve a specific purpose of its users.

Considering the present economic forecasts and the serious need for market diversification, the problem to solve regards above all the international business development. Many are the SMEs in search for new markets. Many are those SMEs who experience substantial difficulties in penetrating new markets and in identifying new international opportunities. If finding out about specific markets is a first step, the search for an anchor point, a serious and reliable partner on the selected market, follows closely. This partnership can enable to trade (import or export), to collaborate on a more extensive basis (contractual agreements, licensing or franchising), or to develop strategic alliances and joint ventures giving access to the market.

The search and identification of a foreign partner is a difficult task in which trade organizations (trade promotion agencies, chambers of commerce) turn out to be of decisive support. However, these latter need to be in possession of suitable business networks and to be visible enough for the related enterprise, which is not always the case. Whatever the market, whatever the context, building a network to facilitate internationalization and new markets penetration is extremely difficult and costly. Time and money invested in the international development are substantial. Very often, it leads to disappointments and not very profitable meetings, annihilating the desire to go global of numerous entrepreneurs.

It is to fill this specific need that we created Novertur. Novertur is the business network for internationalization. It is the Internet technology dedicated to the help of SMEs in their connection with other SMEs, services and organizations of support to business development. Novertur aims at being global and offer an exclusive B2b network dedicated to the improvement of internationalization’s performance.


Novertur / The business network for internationalization

Today, the pre-registration phase to Novertur is open. The Novertur website aims at giving you some insights about the upcoming Novertur platform. Moreover, this pre-registration will give us the ability to come at you quickly and to provide you the best services and support to internationalization at Novertur launch day. Of course, as you understood already, Novertur is not only addressed to SMEs willing to go international. Novertur gathers the three decisive stakeholders of international business development that is, the enterprises but, also, the organizations of support and trade service providers. From then on, three tailored profiles have been created to suitably welcome the most relevant entities of business’ internationalization on Novertur.

Thanks to an advanced search engine, it is possible to identify the most relevant partner-companies, the organization that can help and the specific business services needed. In addition, the Novertur Matchmaking App enables to access enterprises, organizations and trade service providers matching specific needs and to identify quickly new business opportunities.

Obviously, before that, Novertur acts as a marketplace where each member-company owns an online showroom displaying what the company is, what it does and what it wants to be. Companies can then communicate and interact with other entities through a complete set of interactive tools enabling to share updates and news about your company and to gain visibility. Thereby, Novertur is your international trade tool and the quickest and easiest way to develop your powerful international business network, making you a key player of globalization.


For the sake of our economies!

This is how we intend to make our contribution to the boosting of world economy. This is how we intend to innovate: by bringing more opportunities to companies (SMEs), which are the economic lung of our society. Helping SMEs in their international business development, Novertur indirectly intends to support state economies, which are bogged down in a deep crisis, by reinforcing their external trade and ensuring their economic prosperity.

So, you want to go global? Then, pre-register now!


For more information on Novertur, visit www.novertur.com. Join the Novertur Business Network for Go-Global Partnerships!


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