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"The business matchmaking technology that we invented helps small and mid-sized enterprises to find trade partners on foreign markets."

Novertur Genesis and Concept Explained

Interview of Florent Schlaeppi, Co-founder and CEO @Novertur by Stan Pic, at the 14th ICT Investor’s Day, a Swiss ICT event hosted by Debiopharm Investment in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Script in English:

Hello, I am Florent, co-founder of Novertur. Novertur is a B2B dating site. We apply the system of usual dating sites that are now widely used over the Internet, to the business field. Through the business matchmaking technology that we invented, we help small and mid-sized enterprises to find trade partners on foreign markets.

The idea came from Luca, one of Novertur’s co-founders, who did a research with a group of students at the University of Neuchâtel. This research identified barriers to international trade for Swiss SMEs, in particular in Asia. It showed that some entrepreneurs were surprised that there is no web 2.0 tool enabling to find business partners abroad nowadays. We therefore decided to do it! We hired a team of web developers based in Portugal and created this platform, which is a mix between a dating site and a social network.

We also obtained the support from the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) to develop a technology partnership with the University of Applied Sciences HE-Arc and refine our matchmaking algorithms. Today a patent is pending on this new and unique B2B matchmaking framework.

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