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"Our ambition is to give to our customers the ability to leverage the power of data in order to build their own future (just like we did)."

Novertur: From Business Networking to Market Intelligence

Novertur evolved a lot during the past months. After participating in the Blackbox Connect Silicion Valley bootcamp, we decided to concentrate our technology effort on developing a brand new product, “Novertur Matchmaking“. This was a big move and it seriously helped us in delivering better service and value to our customers. Today, Novertur Matchmaking is born and live. With a revolutionary business matching system, this market intelligence platform enables the quick identification of business partners (stakeholders) on domestic and foreign markets. It also provides relevant data in order to understand the business environment, to perform competitive analysis or, simply, to reach to new B2B customers. While we were developing this tool, we also worked on an on-demand market research service using this very new technology plus our international business expertise to deliver tailor-made partner identification reports to SMBs and to help them make decisions in order to enter new markets. Like I said, Novertur has evolved. Today we see our startup as a market intelligence boutique offering 3 products aiming at helping companies to analyze market opportunities, make decisions and expand their business:


1. Novertur Matchmaking  external_link

This is clearly our star product. Addressed to larger organizations and companies, Novertur Matchmaking is a SaaS solution enabling the automatic identification of stakeholders and business partners on a selected market. The only required input is the company website URL. Then, the system scans data and retrieves a list of companies with a degree of matching on mainly 3 axis: Demand (Distributors and Clients), Supply (Suppliers and Service Providers) and Competition. These results can be visualized on a map, which allows to identify cluster more easily and to understand the economic fabric of a certain local or regional area. This tool is helpful for any company or organization interested in partner identification, competitive intelligence or market analysis. It is particularly well designed for international trade consultants (either trade promotion agencies or private firms) that support the expansion of small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

map matchmaking

lists matchmaking


2. Novertur Online Business Network  external_link

The Online Business Network is the very first product that was launched by Novertur more than two years ago. This B2B social network enables companies to rapidly create a profile in order to join a community of international firms. They can than connect with each other, communicate, and start doing business. It aims at facilitating internationalization of SMEs by connecting them more easily and quickly. The Novertur Online Business Network offers plenty of features. Companies can transform their profile into their own customizable website in just a click. They can also use the platform as a social media management tool in order to publish directly on various networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). The objective of these tools is to offer a clean and powerful web presence to any SMB with low budget and almost no effort. Moreover, the Novertur Network empowers collaboration between firms from India to the United States and Europe.



network 2

3. Novertur Market Research  external_link

With Novertur Market Research, we are at the crossroads between technology and consulting. Whenever you need to identify a business partner (for supply, distribution or even R&D), whatever the size of your company or the market you are interested in, our experts carefully analyze your business and deliver a tailored report. Obviously, we use the power of Novertur Matchmaking in order to generate a list of relevant partners. Then, we cherry pick the most relevant companies, analyze them, and provide a profiling of those firms explaining why they are a good option for your business expansion, or why not. Novertur Market Research simply provides you with market research consulting in the form of reports analyzing your market expansion and the most relevant partners for your growth. We already helped dozen of SMBs with this tailor-made product – helping them to make decisions and to enter new markets.

You can see our customer success stories here.

And download an example of market research report here.

reports novertur

Novertur Data-Driven Strategy

Over the years, Novertur has evolved from a business networking service to a market intelligence and big data company. The various moves that we made were continuously driven by data and by market insights that we have been able to collect and analyze through our existing products. Our very first B2B social network enabled us to identify the need for tailored market research services among the SME segment. The market research service allowed us to understand the need of lager companies for a market intelligence tool that would support business expansion decision-making and help them tackle the SME market. All these decisions were data-driven and everything we plan on doing in the future will be data-driven.  With our products, our ambition is to give to our customers the ability to leverage the power of data in order to build their own future (just like we did).

Luca Salzano

Luca Salzano

Marketer and Internet entrepreneur with a true passion for strategy, marketing and new media, Luca is the co-founder of Novertur and TRSM. He tackles topics covering internet business and international trade. Luca is also interested in leadership and society's digitization.


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