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"Our system enables SMEs to identify partners that are always complementary to their needs [...]."

Novertur and B2B Matchmaking – Pitch @Rezonance Conference, University of Geneva

Luca Salzano presents Novertur and its unique b2b matchmaking technology  at the Rezonance Conference “Comment prendre soin des lumières numériques”. The event was hosted by the University of Geneva and organized by local business network Rezonance in order to pay homage to HEC Geneva retiring Professor Michel Leonard.

Script in English:

Good evening everyone. Thanks for welcoming us here tonight for this “First” and around the Professor Michel Leonard. It is a real honor for us. I am saying “us” because I came here tonight with Florent – Florent and I are both co-founders of Novertur, the startup that I will briefly present you…

With Novertur, we put the advantages of the information and communication technologies (in particular those of the big data and web 2.0) in the service of the identification of business partners abroad for internationalizing small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Originally, we found out that while we were living at the era of Facebook and of dating sites it remains very difficult for SMEs to find and get in contact with distributors and business partners that can help them enter new foreign markets. This was also the case digitally speaking, with no existing digital solution for that. So we decided to create a business network online coupled with a B2B matchmaking system dedicated to match SMEs which have a potential for collaboration and to connect those companies together.

Therefore, our system enables SMEs to identify distributors, clients, suppliers, or other technology and outsourcing partners that are always complementary to their needs and that are located on international markets. This technology is developed in collaboration with the Institute of Information and Communication Systems of the University of Applied Sciences of Neuchâtel (HE-Arc) and through a project financed by the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI). It is also a unique patent pending technology.

Concretely, Novertur has today four thousands registered companies and the possibility for users to access data of more than twelve thousand companies in the world. We have close to one thousand visits per day on our website. There are nearly thirty thousand connections that have been made between companies, through so-called follow relationships that enable to follow news related to companies. There are also one thousand two hundred business discussions that have started on the platform and this with companies located in hundred and twenty seven different countries.

So to conclude, Novertur is a digital solution made for companies with less resources so that they can take advantage of the digital world for their internationalization.

Thank you.


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