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""...A vision that might well help us take a step back and understand the new connected world in which we are living.""

#ThinkDigital: Surviving the upcoming full digitalization of society

Everybody knows it: Google is a forward thinking company pioneering in development of so many aspects of technology.

The Internet giant is not only capitalizing on its achievements with recurrent updates and new advertising solutions, but it is also cutting-through the market by developing products and solutions that could revolutionize the world, or at least play a key role in the so-called “digitalization” of the society (think of Google Glass or Project Loon). Today, I am not going to discuss Google’s strategy and vision by promoting or criticizing its different operations. This has been done, is probably currently done and will be done by many others in the near future. So I am simply going to emphasize on some insights about Google’s point of view on “the new constantly connected world“.


Meeting Google

With Novertur, we’ve recently had the pleasure to participate to “Think Digital with Google”, a cycle of conferences and training sessions organized by (guess who?) Google and addressed to marketers. Despite the obvious over corporate branding of “the best company to work for“, this was a perfect event to learn a lot about Google products and innovations. But it was also a very good way to take a step back and realize the changes we have been going through in the last years (such a short period of time in fact). During those three days of “Googlization”, the highlight for me was the keynote speech of Peter Hinssen, a thought leader in IT economics and brilliant speaker. So let me share with you this video of Hinssen talking about “The New Normal” a few years ago in Australia… A time when he already had this vision of the future he was presenting at Google – A vision that might well help us take a step back and understand the new connected world in which we are living.


The New Normal

Luca Salzano

Luca Salzano

Marketer and Internet entrepreneur with a true passion for strategy, marketing and new media, Luca is the co-founder of Novertur and TRSM. He tackles topics covering internet business and international trade. Luca is also interested in leadership and society's digitization.


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