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""Xing is more important than LinkedIn for Swiss SMEs.""

Swiss SMEs and Social Media: Some insight

The rapid technological progress in the whole world has facilitated totally new networking possibilities. That is one of the most important factors of our globalized world. These new possibilities have emerged new needs for people to exchange with others. They want to express what they think and need recognition. These days, the growth of the so-called Social Media in the Web 2.0 era is overwhelming. Internet platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and many others experience exponential growth and we probably stand only at the beginning of the rise of Social Media. In addition, also business involvement in social networking is on the rise. It is difficult to keep an overview, particularly for marketers who recognized Social Media as a big potential for their business. Vujàdé Ltd., a small innovation consulting company from Switzerland, is experiencing this issue: How can it get the most out of Social Media? The results of the quantitative survey in 42 Swiss SMEs gives answers to that question…


Swiss SMEs and Social Media: Some data

This article shows the findings of a quantitative survey conducted in 42 Swiss SMEs: 76.2% of the them have an active Social Media appearance but more than half (53.1%) of them started to use it less than two years ago with Facebook, Xing, Twitter and YouTube being the best known platforms.

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78.1 % (N= 32) of the Swiss SMEs using Social Media spent less than five hours per week on Social Media platforms and 58.4% even less than three hours. More than half of the participating companies also say that they do not have a Social Media strategy (56.3%), governance (71.9%), a standardized process for administering the accounts (84.4%), or a reporting or monitoring tool (75.0%).

To the question what content does the company post on their Social Media pages, upcoming events got with 23 out of 32 the highest value, followed by own projects and articles with 22 out of 32, sharing of links and interesting web pages with 21 mentions, information about the products with 17 mentions and direct messages with customers with 12 mentions (multiple answers were possible).

An interesting outcome from the survey was that companies that have been active in the Social Media world no longer than 2 years post less on the platforms Twitter and Facebook than companies that have been active for longer than 2 years. It came also out that Xing is more important than LinkedIn for Swiss SMEs.


In brief

The findings from this online survey show that the impact of Social Media is increasingly growing and that Swiss SMEs are aware of that fact. Swiss SMEs really consider whether they should use Social Media as another communication tool or not. They must be aware of the opportunities and challenges it offers and then decide what is best for the company. This does not imply, however, that every Swiss SME “MUST” have a Social Media appearance. It really depends on the type and size of the company, the industry the company is in and especially its products.

In summary, these results show that Social Media is an important topic for Swiss SMEs but implementation concepts and strategies are still rare. Nevertheless, the vast majority plans to increase Social Media activities in the future. 36 out of 40 (90%) want at least to increase their activity in Social Media somewhat in the future and only 4 (10%) want to decrease it.


These are the results of a research conducted by Oliver Kuhn for Vujadé Ltd.

Oliver Kuhn

Oliver Kuhn

Oliver works for Goldbach Interactive as a Senior Consultant / Project Manager for digital campaigns, and he previously wrote his master thesis about Swiss SMEs and Social Media. He shows an extraordinary eagerness to know what's going on in the world & is open towards new people and situations.


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