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""The best way to respect your audience is to play fair: If you are here, it’s for selling something!""

Social Media Strategy: SMEs, L’Oréal failed, but you can do it!

The online popularity of L’Oréal, a famous French cosmetics group, has taken a bit of a bashing in 2008. This popularity clash ensues from the foolish idea the 20-billion-euros-revenues-group had to create fake consumer-blogs praising virtues of its products.


Let’s go back to our old maxima propositio

“SMEs of the world, be warned: Wherever you are located, whatever the size of your company, the products you’re selling and their price, there is no reason for you to think that social media can’t make a contribution to your business! News and marketing gurus follow the trend and a myriad of questionings and tips around the topic of SMEs relation to social media can be found on the web. In this context, TRSM decided to bring some clarifications, or to make its contribution by giving advices that should help SMEs in their difficult taming of the social web.”

After a first article dedicated to your  social media strategy definition, we keep going today with an article dedicated to its implementation…


Publish relevant content

As the previous article made it clear on the quantity of contents you should be broadcasting, we can now focus on the nature of those. We suppose that there are 3 content-types:

I.    Contents related directly to your company

II.    Contents related to your environment

III.    And contents related to your users


I. Talking about your company
Paradoxically, publications related to your company are the most important but less frequent contents (unless you’re in a period of outstanding and exceptional growth). The objective is to catch the attention of the audience on a novelty or strength of your enterprise. Whenever you’re launching a new product, you hired a new key employee, you moved into new offices… Let people now it!


II. Talking about your environment
Contents related to your environment are the most frequent and, perhaps, the one with lowest returns. Nevertheless, they remain essential to your social media marketing. Through these, you’ll position your company within a context (a geographical, political, market, industrial or whatsoever context) and will share your interests, concerns and values. Here you may just broadcast or share an existing information (blog article, newspaper article, tweets and videos) as far as you increase the value of this content, as minor as this value is, with a very simple comment for example.

These publications related to your environment are pretty important since they enable you to fill the communication deficiency that may exist with the content about your company and the interaction with your stakeholders. Indeed, a period of intense activity for your company leaves only small time to create original contents. Re-publishing existing information is therefore a good way to remain active in your communication.


III. Interacting
The last content-type, related to users, is probably requiring the most creativity. Indeed, the idea is to make the user think and act by asking him, offering him or reminding him something:

Our staff goes hiking up in the mountains this weekend! What are your plans?

10% off on your purchases if you present this status to our cashier today!

Don’t forget to visit us at the Brighton City Fair, from Wednesday to Friday. Cocktails free!

The objective is always to incite the user to react by doing something, whether it is simply posting a comment or benefiting from a special discount.


Respect your audience

Whatever the ratio between the 3 content-types, do never forget to respect who you are. Think beyond your marketing objectives. You are not a newspaper, nor a blog. You are a company and your objective is to increase your revenues. The best way to respect your audience is to play fair: If you are here, it’s for selling something!


To be continued with:

  • What are the most relevant social media and networks for SMEs
  • Can we measure social media marketing ROI and adjust it?
Marius Aeberli

Marius Aeberli

Talented interaction designer and media specialist, Marius is the co-founder of Novertur and TRSM. Born artist with a real sense for business, he has a passion for product design, innovation and creation. Marius contributes with opinions and analyses on new technologies, social media and Internet business.


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