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""If the strategy is well defined, your messages will inevitably reach interested Internet users.""

Remarketing: Billions of Bilious Blue Blistering Barnacles!

Have you ever visited Zalando’s website? Then, you were certainly the victim of remarketing: Banners of products you previously consulted are sticking on you on the web.


What is remarketing?

The remarketing consists in targeting Internet users that visited certain pages or proceeded to some actions on your website, with ads of your products on other websites. Thus, remarketing enables to get in touch with Internet users having left your website during a purchasing process, for example, and a convincing offer increases the chances of seeing the user complete the purchase.


Remarketing strategies

There are numerous remarketing strategies, among which the following:

Target Internet users having left the purchasing process while offering time-bounded discounts in order to stimulate purchasing completion.

Target Internet users having visited a specific category of products while displaying products of the same category (cross-selling or upselling).

Target Internet users having purchased a product while offering complementary products (cross-selling).

Target your customers only, in order to announce an advertising sponsorship campaign.


Two Solutions of Remarketing

Since 2010, Google integrates remarketing functionality in Google Adwords campaign management interface. As for regular campaigns on the Display Network (network of partner websites of Google), Google enables to manage cost per click (CPC) and cost per mille (CPM) bidding. Thanks to a broad network of partner websites (Display Network), your ads can reach 83% of Internet users worldwide. Of course, the objective is not to broadcast your messages to this entire network, but on websites tackling topics similar to yours (news, finance, fashion, luxury goods, sport, etc.). As a matter of fact, your ads will only be visible to Internet users you previously “marked” and only when visiting the websites you selected. Long story short, Google offers a simple solution, integrated to Google Adwords, enabling to quickly set up efficient remarketing campaigns and compatible with Google Analytics.

Criteo, the other market leader, differentiates with the quality of the partner websites within its network and with advanced broadcasting and segmentation functionalities. Indeed, Criteo enables to set up flash banners, which dynamic content is optimized in real time. As for example, an advertiser of the automotive industry can customize banners using the information given by the user on its website such as the brand, model and color of the desired vehicle. This functionality is only available for big accounts on Google Adwords.



Criteo integrates also an advanced segmentation functionality allowing CPC optimization according to user’s engagement level (search history, visits frequency, number and type of pages viewed, etc.).



Remarketing campaigns are heavy to set up. However, they present superior results. Rentn’Dropa specialized firm in utility vehicle renting, has generated 3 times higher conversions and at a 6 times lower cost. Returns of a campaign such as the one of Zalando would be interesting to analyze.

If the strategy is well defined, your messages will inevitably reach interested Internet users. The click rate will thus improve and so will the conversion rate. Actually, this latter can reach, and even overpass, the conversion rate provided by Search campaigns (keywords purchase on search engines).


In the future?

Remarketing will inevitably orientate towards social web. This will not only include a use of social information about the user (interests, visited countries, events, etc.), but also real “instant remarketing”. We could imagine here a banner offering two cinema tickets for the price of one on the profile of an individual having published the Facebook status: “Anyone up for a movie?”

Mathieu Pereira

Mathieu Pereira

After several years of experience in online marketing consultancy, Mathieu now works as digital marketing manager in the e-commerce industry. This e-marketing wizard shares his knowledge and views on social media in business, just for you!


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