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""In life as in business, I hate bad losers.""

Down with the dictatorship of fear! Let’s give way to innovation!

Apple managed to sentence Samsung. Big players of the French media are suing Google. The FBI has closed down Megaupload. There isn’t a day without a scared actor feared of loosing influence or monopoly. There isn’t a day without a part of the world withdrawing into itself and refusing to accept the future.

Yet, innovation, just like success, doesn’t accept fear nor bad losers.


In life as in business, I hate bad losers. In every situation as in any struggle, it is necessary to accept defeat, without excuse. Refusing to accept defeat is not only a lack of dignity, it is also a mark of great weakness. Finding excuses, denigrating or blaming others are only small tools and tactics slowing down an inexorable rationale: “You lost, you lose and you’ll lose again”. But you’re not losing because your players are worse or because your budget is weak. You are losing because victory matters to you and defeat scares you. Allocating resources to such subjective and egocentric notions moves you away from the one and only winning strategy: innovation.


The evolution is not good or bad. It simply is.

Apple did not propel at the top of the world pacing up and down the corridors of Courtrooms, but by creating innovative products that shaped new markets and new consumer’s behaviors. Megaupload, and the hackers violating copyrights since decades, rocketed the number of music lovers and film buffs. Google and the blogs made of each Internet user a new addict. Small or big, these actors are (or were) oriented towards the future and the pursuit of an ideal going beyond the concept of product or range of products. This thirst for the future and ideals annihilated the fear of the unknown.

But of course, all does not share the same enthusiasm. All around the globe, big corporations invest gigantic amounts of money into diverse legal complaints and increasingly aggressive lobbying. Governments are following, constrained by obsolete legal systems. Nevertheless, the world evolves even faster.


The evolution doesn’t get rid of the small ones, it get rid of the weak ones.

In life as in business, I hate bad losers. They embody the less productive defect: the incapacity to adapt… probably the weakest of the weaknesses. Investing hundred millions of dollars into lobbying campaign or legal proceedings to hush up innovation is probably the paroxysm of this weakness. Just a tiny fraction of these amounts judiciously invested could offer the opportunity to explore new opportunities and tracks for the discovery of a new business model… Another shot for a rebirth!

A competitor is copying? Well, than it means that you need to go a step ahead. A software abuses you and your contents? It means that you must evolve to take advantage from it. A company is overshadowing you? Emphasize your complementarities and offer a partnership. Whatever happens, do never turn your back to innovation, evolution and history.

It’s time to stop thinking that we can run faster by slowing down the others.

Marius Aeberli

Marius Aeberli

Talented interaction designer and media specialist, Marius is the co-founder of Novertur and TRSM. Born artist with a real sense for business, he has a passion for product design, innovation and creation. Marius contributes with opinions and analyses on new technologies, social media and Internet business.


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