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"He repeatedly did business with you, consumes more than an « average » customer, he is passionate about your brand and totally adheres to your products."

The Brand Advocate Army – a dream for every business

Today’s salesman will tell you; the most important for a company is not winning over new clients, but keeping its existing client base. And to do that, you have to constantly remind and convince that your product or service is better than your competitors’. A piece of work supported by wisely elaborated marketing strategies.


However, among your customer, you have some diamonds: Some of them are already convinced that your product is the best. Even better than that, they will not hesitate to promote it for free! The dream of every company… Imagine you want to buy a new mountain bike, and a huge Advocate Army of people you know praises Scott’s range of products. Are you going to consider a Cannondale bike? I don’t think so (I wouldn’t do it myself).

Needless to say, a Brand Advocate is a blessing for you company. He repeatedly did business with you, consumes more than an « average » customer, he is passionate about your brand and totally adheres to your products. In other words, he believes in you and above all, he doesn’t hesitate to tell it to others without you having to spend one penny. In short, the Brand Advocates are the perfect result of a marketing strategy effort by your company. Your brand being the object of their admiration, they transform into powerful selling leverages, allowing your company to increase significantly its profits.


Brand Advocates and social media

The Brand Advocates phenomenon is not new, obviously. But traditionally, these brand partisans were spreading the word through word of mouth. We still constantly advise our acquaintances, and preach the good word on what we think is good or bad on the market and we try to convince that our choice is the best. However, the advent of social media considerably increased the visibility of your newest brand ambassadors. Now, the companies ask themselves how to make the best use of Facebook, Twitter or Vine, since those channels have multiplied their scope.

The community manager is therefore at the center of the loyalty program and holds a crucial role.  If he’s able to identify and increase the mass of Brand Advocates, it will result in a decrease in marketing spends. Meaning he has to be careful to implement effective strategies and transform its clients in a free promotion vector.


It goes without saying that the Brand Advocate is an asset for your company

The Brand Advocate is a non-negligible support for your business. Rob Fuggetta, a pioneer in research on the Brand Advocates, sums up their impact [1]  :

brand advocates



[1]           Rob Fuggetta, Brand Advocates: Turning Enthusiastic Customers Into a Powerful Marketing Force, John Wiley & Sons, 2012.

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