At TRSM – The Right Social Media, we discuss the role of Internet technologies in business. We provide analyzes and thinking on the evolution of the Internet to support business processes and performance. We give opinions and perspectives on the opportunities offered by new technologies, big data and internationalization to generate innovation and growth. We debate the need to use, discover, or create new approaches for your business.

Internet and New Technologies

The Internet is changing our lives. As it is changing our way of consuming information, goods or services, it is also drastically changing business environments and key business processes.
With insights on the evolution of the Internet and social media environment, tips on online marketing and opinions on the extension of the digital world, TRSM provides analyses emphasizing on how companies can leverage the Internet to power business performance and economic growth.

International Business and Trade

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of national economies. With the pressure of global competition, they are increasingly forced to be internationally active in order to build sustainable businesses.
TRSM analyzes the difficulties related to international trade of SMEs and provides tips on how to bring businesses at the international level. TRSM makes the case for an increasing use of the Internet and social-technologies to support and facilitate the expansion of SMEs.

Startups and Entrepreneurship

Internet technologies have to evolve in order to support businesses better and to ensure economic wealth. New thinking and creativity are decisive aspects for innovation to emerge.
Gathering bloggers from different areas of specialization, TRSM intends to stimulate critical thinking, while analyzing trends in the startups environment and giving insights on entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial spirit.